“Staying Healthy First Tee – San Joaquin”—Summer/Fall 2020

To say a lot has happened over the last couple of months would be like saying a 30-foot putt is a tap-in.
I do not know about you, but the term “social distancing” was never a part of my vocabulary until mid-March.
Although we will be back in action in ___________, things are going to be “different” for the foreseeable future.
The good news is we do not have to make too many changes as the game of golf already incorporates most of the best practices to keep us all safe:

  • Golfers already stand apart when we play and practice (so we do not get our teeth knocked out)
  • We are outside, on a golf course where every 4 people are separated by a 10-minute gap (tee times)
  • We all have our own golf clubs and it is against the Rules of Golf to share (unless playing a designated format)
  • We also each bring our own ball and do not hit someone else’s, that too is against the rules
  • We carry our own drinks and snacks and if need be can buy additional at the course

Along with the above basics and a couple of operational changes we are confident that we can keep Playing and “Staying Healthy FIRST Tee San Joaquin”.

New Policies and Procedures for Keeping it Safe at First Tee Classes and Camps

1. Drop off, Check-in and Check-out

  • At the various locations and programs, prior the first class your coach will contact you as to the specific procedures of that Golf Course.
  • We will have a designated person checking in and out the players, no signing yourself into class
  • Kids will place their golf bag in a designated club area


2. Classes

  • Max 8 kids to 2 coaches
  • Cleaning will be going on all day, coaches and staff will have disinfectant wipes if needed
  • No handshakes, “high fives”, or other physical contact
  • No sharing or touching other’s equipment (clubs, ball markers, pushcarts, clubs, tees, towels, range finders, etc). If a student needs golf equipment we will give them a set of clubs for the day and they will be sanitized after each class
  • Everyone will stay 10’ apart during all activities
  • We will be requiring masks when-ever in a group setting and 10 feet of distance between all kids and coaches is not able to be achieved.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available and required before and after class, parents are encouraged to send kids with hand sanitizer to use during class if they accidentally have contact.
  • Limit 1 person in the restroom at any one time, a coach or monitor of the same gender will wait outside the door.
  • No water coolers, kids will need to bring their own water


3. Families help Kids in “Staying Healthy First Tee”

  • Encourage your child to avoid touching their face, ears, nose, eyes and mouth
  • Have them wash their hands frequently
  • Use hand sanitizer when unable to wash hands
  • Remind them to sneeze or cough into their elbow
  • Let them know it is okay if they feel ill to talk about it and not hide it.


4. Just in case

  • If someone is not feeling well or has a fever, please stay home
  • If a child has tested + for Covid-19, he/she must not attend First Tee at least until there has been no fever x72 hours off all fever reducing medications, symptoms are improving, and it has been 10 days since the onset of symptoms and a verified negative test
  • If a family member has tested + for Covid-19 or a student has otherwise been exposed to Covid-19, the student should not attend First Tee events for at least 14 days